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Hi, My name is Jantzen Lo.  I always had a passion for cars ever since I was little.  My first car was a BMW, not a real one, one of those learning to walk kind of car where I saw in there to learn how to walk.  I remember because I saw the photos of me in one, with a stuck on BMW badge in front. Hilarious eh?  What I do most of the time is lurk forums and blogs, legit creditable ones, which talks about current cars and future cars, where I do most of my learning.  After reading and researching, I sometimes do the practical work on my car myself because I figured if I learn to do it, I would save quite a bit of money. For example, the easiest thing I routinely do every 5000km is…you guessed it, oil change.  I am a die-hard fan for Bimmers also known as BMWs. Even though I do like them a lot, I pay close attention to many other car makers too. But for BMWs, there is just something about them that I have a passion for and which I can’t explain.  I guess this is what makes me like them so much and make me learning about their cars so much.  The driving pleasure is just so terrific I just enjoy driving them.  The comfort and sportiness is both compromised in their cars so much that I could say there is no substitute, sheer driving pleasure as BMW markets.  My must do every week is to wash my car, no matter rain or shine, hot or cold.  In the winter, I still wash my car by hand because the automatic ones not only scratches or swirls the paint job, the car is still dirty after.  I love my car so much that I park my car far away from the rest because I am always afraid I would get my body panels door dinged by some random person who does not care or respect other people’s property.  Even though I have this habit, I still cannot prevent the hit and run and three door dings on my car until this date.  Some people tell me it is just a car but as a car enthusiast, I really give a crap and especially my hard earned money is used to pay the car, I would like it as mint as possible for resale value.  With so many different car makers and different innovations by them, I would like to give my own voice on this personal blog on how I feel as a car enthusiast and how my readers feel towards my perspective. I hope you can share your opinions with me!


This Video is a line of Performance Accessories or Add On Modifications for current BMW lineup of cars.

My Favourite brand of Exhaust for BMWs. Music to my Ears. Listen to that V8 Engine off the M3.


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