Assignment 6: Trackday

Ever wished you could use all the power your car got? Ever wondered where you could pedal to the metal without cops busting your balls? Ever thought why you forked the money out for a performance car and yet drive like the rest of the norm (hint* beige Corollas with an Asian lady)?  Ever wondered if your car modifications are well worth it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you must read on and find out where to unleash your beast.


Cars nowadays are made faster and contain more potential than ever before.  Technology enabled us drivers to drive faster but safer due to modern suspensions, tires, engines and all the other gadgets cars come with today. The sad side with all these perks is…sigh*. Speed limits and laws have not changed to comply with this advance, rather, the law has become tighter on motorists so the government can be rich.  What can car enthusiasts and people who love driving fast do?


Track days are made for people who love driving fast.  Days like these provide speed demons the environment to take their car to the limit without hurting anyone.  Most important of all, cops can’t do shit.  Suck on that Pigs!!  So… lets find out who track days are for…

People who…

– wants to accelerate as quickly as possible

– wants to feel some G-Forces

– wants to take a hard right corner at 90kmph rather than 30kmph

– wants to see the capability of their cars and what their cars could do

– DON’T want to get tickets and fuck up their insurance rates

– wants to find a place and drive like idiots

– wants a place to enjoy their cars

– wants to test out their mods

– wants to polish up their driving skills

Most important of all, what’s the point on buying a car that is able to do 0-100km/h under 5 seconds and not being able to use it? I am sure some dads would like to have some fun with the girlfriend” when they are off the wife’s radar.

I’m sure you don’t want to be this guy next time you are on the roads.


There are three track courses near the GTA but they do take some time going from Toronto Region.

-Cayuga- Toronto Motorsports Park-

This track is located in Cayuga, South of Hamilton.  From downtown Toronto, it takes around two hours to get there.  This track is suitable for both novice and advanced drivers who can take advantage of two long runways where you could test the car’s acceleration and as well as a number of fast and slow corners.  Many group organizers like Kplayground and Touge both offer track days during spring, summer and fall.  The price to enter this track would range around $90 to $120 dollars, depending on whether it is a half day or full day event.  I personally love this track a lot due to the balance of corners and straights.  The beating that the car takes on this track is considerably less due to the corners are not as tight as some other tracks.  The brakes also don’t need to be used much except the two long straights, so the risk on boiling the brakes and wear on them would be less.  Do remember to keep this track as a top choice!

-Canadian Tire Motorsports Park-

This motorsport park consists of two tracks located in Bowmanville, just east of the GTA.  This track is somewhat closer than Cayuga and Shannonville.  The two tracks in this park are called Mosport GP and Mosport DDT.  Mosport GP is for highly experienced drivers who I recommend should have previous tracking experiences. Due to the high speeds and side barriers, I have seen cars ending up badly.  This track is one of the national raceways in Canada and many worldwide events are held here each year.  On the long straightaway, cars, depending on the balls of the driver, can achieve speeds of 180+km/h.  With Mosport GP being a big track, the corners are like sweepers, meaning the average speed in the longer corner would be around 120km/h.  If that is scary for you then Mosport DDT could be the alternate choice for you and beginners.  This is a smaller track next to MosportGP.   DDT is a smaller track paved with mainly tight corners, perfect place to test out the suspension setup, handling and tire capability.  After all, some drivers do want to test whether or not it was worth it to pay extra for their summer tires.  But do note, since this track is mainly cornering, the tires and brakes will take a hard exercise since the corners are very close to each other, meaning you will have to accelerate and brake very soon.  What is good about this track is many higher horsepower cars would not be benefited but a lighter, better handling car is.  The cost of this track is the most expensive, ranging from $350-$500CAD for a whole day event, from 11am-6pm.

-Shannonville Motorsports Park-

This track again is located in Shannonville, another hour away further from Bowmanville.  Like Cayuga, this track is very suitable for beginners to novice drivers.   There are two long straightaways where speeds of 170+km/h could be achieved.  Many sharp and wide turns are there for motorists to tackle, with a lot of run off space incase fly-outs occur.  I personally like this track a lot too, due to the mix of straightaways and corners, where I could test out the capability of my car.  The only downside is the distance from the GTA to this park takes around a 3 hour drive.  Finally the cost of this track is the cheapest, ranging from $75-$110.


You don’t need a super car or a car you’ve dropped 10 grand on to go on the track.  All you need to have is a healthy car in good condition with all the maintenance up to date and you are set to go.  Just make sure you have enough brake pads and tires for the day so you don’t end up hurt like this one…


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, take it slow during the beginning.  You need to learn the corners of the track and remember, you are not in a race.  You want to find the perfect balance between speed and safety.  You do not win anything and nobody is setting a lap timer.  Also, more expensive cars do not mean they will be quick, yes they may be quick on the straightaway but I have seen Civics running circles around sports cars like AMGS, Ms, and so forth.

Remember, there is no pressure on you or anything.  If you see a car fast approaching you, signal to the right and let the car pass, get off your high horse and enjoy your day!

Don’t End Your Day Like This Poor Guy Scratching His Head!


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