Assignment 2: Are Hybrid Cars Our Future?

Hybrid cars have gotten really common the past few years. Many car manufacturers have put resources on developing hybrids of their own.  Many think it is the solution to global warming but I don’t think so.  How often do you see hybrid car owners flooring their cars traffic light to traffic light? Almost every day! Hybrid Car Owners! I am calling you out! YOUR CAR DOES NOT SAVE GAS WHEN YOU DRIVE LIKE LIKE THAT.


Many hybrid cars are on the road and what makes me disapprove the idea of hybrid is many times our roadways are around 70-100km/h, though the average speed on the 401 is 120km/h in the fast lane. From my understanding, hybrid vehicles uses gas after 60km/h and when the engine is under load.  Think about it, on the 401, the speeds on there have an average of 120km/h, sometimes even faster.  At these speeds the car’s electric motor is not enough to keep the car in constant speed, so the gasoline engine is used.  With the small 1.8L 4 cylinder engine used in most hybrids, the engine would be working harder to keep the car at highway speeds, as compared to a V6 engine. This means on the highway, there is a chance a V6 engine would be using less gas than a hybrid.

In the city, we are often accelerating because of the traffic.  Acceleration from traffic light to traffic light cannot be evaded.  Even though hybrid car owners can keep the gas pedal light, cars behind usually do not have the patience for you. What you end up is having to accelerate harder and use the gasoline motor or you risk getting honked.   I really think the idea of hybrid, in North America. is not a clever way to help pollution, but rather pollute the environment even more, because of the nickel battery used in these cars which I will criticize later, stay tuned.



My friend recently purchased a hybrid, and it is a Lexus Hybrid, the CT200H.  The first day he picked it up, he loved it. The next week I see him, he regrets buying the car.  He complains how he gets worse mileage than his Lexus GS350, since he’s on the highway most of the time.  Next, he hates how there is a sudden jolt when the gasoline engine kicks in.  I have heard of this problem 5 years ago and I can’t believe it is still evident now.

As a matter of fact, only 35% of hybrid owners say they will purchase another one.   Can you believe it? Keep in mind out of this 35%, 40% of them are Toyota Prius owners (ugly ass piece of crap), who are die hard fans of these cars. (The ones I see racecar-ing in the traffic all the time)

Next I want to touch upon is…Hybrid SUVs. What the fuck? Why would you want to buy a Hybrid SUV when the purpose of a hybrid is to save gas? Persuade me into thinking Hybrid SUVs are the shit, other than their high price tag for bragging rights.  Almost every time I see a SUV, they are usually doing 20km/h more than the speed limit.  These SUVs drivers drive aggressively and hybrids to them are meaningless when they drive like that.  Another true story… we all know how SUV drivers in North America are, they are no better than pick-up drivers who feel like they own the roads, swerving in and out of traffic. From my point of view, Hybrid SUVS are terrible.



The nickel battery in the engine is something I also want to talk about. The cost of these batteries are not cheap. It will cost you an arm and a leg or a side of your kidney to replace.  To change the battery, you are looking at $3000 for just the battery and extra for labour.  Hybrid owners, I feel sad for you, with the gas you might have saved, your paying to play again. Remember how you paid more for your hybrid car? Now your paying for battery replacement.  Can I laugh in your face now? Are you feeling stupid to buy the hybrid gimmick?  Being back on topic, where are all these nickel batteries being dumped?  How hard is it to recycle them environmentally friendly?  Until this day, there isn’t a clear concise answer.


I feel that the hybrid idea is not working until something evolutionary changes the game. The hybrid might work in highly populated areas were bumper to bumper traffic exists most of the time.  An example I could think of is Hong Kong.  The reason behind my view is because the roads in Hong Kong are always congested. You do not need to use the gas pedal much.  The benefits of having a hybrid there is that, the car can still provide Air Conditioning, yet runs on battery (Hong Kong is HOT and HUMID).  This way, there is less pollution emitted and still provide comfort for passengers. WIN-WIN!


As of today, I am standing towards Turbo Diesel cars which is very popular in Europe.  These cars have great gas mileage yet provide sufficient amount of power.  Volkswagen’s TDI line of cars are currently very popular and most them are sold out for this year.  A full tank of gas 55 liters on a VW Golf TDI can go beyond 1100km on the highway.  This fact is very astonishing and better of all, the cost for diesel fuel is currently lower than gasoline. What do you think of my critics and do you buy my theory? Let me know at the comment box below!



One thought on “Assignment 2: Are Hybrid Cars Our Future?

  1. I find this post rather interesting and tend to agree that Hybrid vehicles are not necessarily the way of the future. Yes, they are a step in the right direction. But getting good mileage is not only about the vehicle you drive but also how you drive it. Just because you own a Prius doesn’t mean you automatically get 53 Miles Per Gallon.

    As you mentioned Diesel is a very good alternative. Despite the fact that Diesel prices are almost on par with gasoline, the price differential compared to a regular gasoline car is minimal.

    Honestly speaking though, I doubt we’ll ever see electric cars catch on and the internal combustion engine disappear. Oil companies, car manufactures, and the even the government will always find ways to keep customers from moving towards alternatives to oil because they make so much profit.

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