Assignment 1: Do Car Engines Now need to be FORCED FED?

When was the last time that you were fascinated by the car going beside you? Do you remember when you were a kid and your jaw dropped when the mustang was reving it? I remembered when I was a kid I would be amazed at those loud super cars. When I found out most of these cars brands had a strong historical background in them (not including the fart can exhausts off a ricer civic), I started to follow how cars work and why they work certain ways.


One fact that caught my attention was how many of these higher end reputable brands like to put big engines in their car, especially their sports cars.  Well nowadays this tradition has changed and many car companies are going with smaller engines to comply with tougher emissions.  With the trend on making smaller engines, the use of force induction technology is the solution to make power.


To be honest, I am really disappointed…as a car enthusiast, force induction does not replace actual displacement.  That V8, V10, V12 machinery growl is no fucking joke.  Just by listening to that is music to my ears, heck I even use that as my phone’s ringtone.  Imaging yourself drive that weapon down Bloor street during peak hours.  How many head tuners would you attract to see what’s up?  I promise you; even the ladies who don’t pay attention to cars will look.

Motoren, Abgasstrang

Recently I took a look at the new BMW F30 M3 off youtube and God that sounds terrible compared to the E9x M3 with the 4.4 litre V8.  That V8 grunt in the E9x M3 sounds so amazing that I felt like an ear orgasm  the first time I heard it.  As a matter of fact the new M3 is just a “tuned” N54 335i, with an extra turbo, very disappointing.  Not only BMW is going this direction but Mercedes Benz is too.  The previous 6.2 litre AMG engine in the CLS63 has now gone turbo charged too with a smaller 5.5 litre V8.  I guess the European emissions has gone really tough on car makers. Even the more entry level car like the BMW 328i has gone to a 4 cylinder turbo banger, unlike the previous generation, with the legendary inline 6.

I know forced induction cars respond very well to mods like tunes and downpipes (which I find it as a perk cause you can save money and tune it). But the sound has really gone downhill after this move by the car makers.  The sound of machinery is what makes me adore it’s fine engineering.  The industry now is a really huge disappointment, especially in the German league where I always bowed down to.  From now I will start paying more attention to American muscle. The problem with American Muscle is that their cars seems to be missing a soul.  All it does is run quarter miles and produce noise but lack the fine tuned handling which I value a lot as a track junkie.


Many say an aftermarket exhaust would fix this noise complaint but seriously…it doesn’t.  I usually hear this solution come from the owners’ mouth, just so they feel better about their purchase.  Go check out the M5 Eisenmann race exhaust on an E60 compared to the F10 on youtube posted blow.  Like come on, you are lying to yourself if your saying it sounds the same.  The sound is muffled by a million times on the F10 if you asked me.  The V10 engine growl is sex on the E60.  Like come on. DO YOU HEAR THAT BMW?

E60 M5 Eisenmann Race

F10 M5 Eisenmann Race

Here is another example on a F30 328i versus the E90 328i both with Performance Exhaust

4 Cylinder BMW 328i

6 Cylinder BMW 328i



One thought on “Assignment 1: Do Car Engines Now need to be FORCED FED?

  1. While I agree that a turbo 4 will never match the sound of a good ole v8, forced induction is the way of the future IMO. Better gas mileage + more power = Win. Just a matter of time before more sports cars switch over.

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